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The Road from boys high school to Phalwan is blocked due to land sliding near to Sahree Masjad.

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Welcome to JHAFAR

Original name:                  Jhafar

Tribe                            Karral (Click here to see details)

Union Council :                  Biran Gali
geographical location:       Abbottabad, N.W.F.P., Pakistan, Asia
geographical coordinates: 34° 11' 40" North, 73° 21' 50" East


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Jhafar is a village located 13 Kilometer away from Abbottabad towards Murree and Nathia gali. It is about 7000 ft. The beautiful village is in between mountain range of Karakoram is part of Biran Gali and , its geographical coordinates are 34° 11' 40" North, 73° 21' 50" East.

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